We have included lots of Advanced Tools in the eWeb Host Online Control Panel. These tools will allow you to do easy jobs for instance safeguarding a folder using a pass word and also much more challenging ones like, for instance, altering the PHP version of your hosting account. Despite the duties they actually do are different, all the Advanced Tools have one uniformity. They’re truly convenient and require zero particular skills on your part.

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself from traffic theft

From your eWeb Host Online Control Panel, you’re able to immediately secure all of the images on your sites from being used somewhere else without your approval. And you can now achieve that with a few clicks of the mouse working with eWeb Host’s Hotlink Protection tool.

All you should do is just choose the domain you want to take care of and then switch on the Hotlink Protection. Modifications are going to work instantaneously and your pics are going to be guarded from unwanted use and bandwidth thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto generation of .htaccess files

At eWeb Host, you’ve got access to the .htaccess file of your website, to make sure you could make as many corrections as you would like. Including just a few lines to the settings file, it is easy to route your web site to another web address, or setup security password defense for a particular directory, and so on.

Thanks to the highly effective .htaccess Generator in the Online Control Panel, you don’t have to have any information about .htaccess files. Simply convey to the tool what you need to do as well as for exactly which website, and then click on the Save button. Our smart platform will produce the .htaccess file for you in seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malevolent IPs from your web site

When you’ve got a well–liked site, at some time you become a target to spammers and malicious site visitors. You’re able to protect your websites from this kind of activities by using the IP blocking instrument included in our Online Control Panel. The tool will enable you to efficiently block an IP address or possibly a full range of IP addresses by using a mouse–click.

Put together with our accurate web stats and also eWeb Host’s GeoIP redirection software instruments, this IP Blocking tool will enable you to successfully manage the access to your site.

IP Blocking